Looking for your next $1,000+?

Studies show that with as little as $1,000 in extra income per month, you could pay off debt, increase savings, and improve your family's lifestyle. Where will your next $1,000 come from?

It's closer than you think.

At Wakaya Perfection we bring together the hottest product trends, modern marketing methods, and small business training to provide an unparalleled opportunity to earn $1,000 or more of additional income, every month.


Become an Ambassador

It starts with a unique Business Opportunity.

Our sales associates (called Wakaya Ambassadors) are paid to share an array of high-impact health products. They are independent business owners who don't have to worry about manufacturing, order processing, shipping, or even payroll (we've got all of that covered)!


With people that are like family.

When you meet us, you’ll notice that we act more like a family than a group of business associates. That’s because we’re individuals just like you: parents, siblings, friends, and neighbors who share a love for helping others live a happier, healthier life!

But don't just the people at the top make all the money?

It's a fair question. Many business opportunities pay very little to those who find new customers. In fact, it can often require a team of hundreds before you make your first $1,000. At Wakaya Perfection we believe this is backward. That is why we put the lion's share of commissions within reach of the average person.


What about purchase requirements?

They don't exist here. Our Ambassadors love our products, but we don't force them to make monthly personal purchases in order to be paid.

At Wakaya, we're different.

Our goal is simple: to create more $1,000+ monthly income earners than any other company in our industry! To do this, we've had to create the most innovative and comprehensive compensation package in the industry today. All commissions and bonuses are based solely on the sale of products (instead of just selling opportunity).

We've got a plan for the 95% of us...to win!

Our compensation package isn't engineered for just the top 5%. It's a plan for everyone to be paid well. In fact, with as few as 20 average customers*, you can earn $600 per month. And with only 34 average customers*, you can earn up to $1,000 a month or more! You can get further details in the compensation section below.


Become an Ambassador

Your Plan to $1,000 and beyond!

We want YOU to quickly become a $1,000+ income earner! Our Plan To A Grand is a simple path to quick, substantial income. We strive to offer the most direct, and most achievable, path to success!


Your First $750+

Our Pacesetter program is simple to achieve and provides up to $750 in additional bonuses within your first 3 months.

You'll then recieve up to $250 in additional Pacesetter bonuses for every time new Ambassadors on your 1st or 2nd level achieve a Pacesetter level!


$1,000+ Every Month!

Ambassadors who earn $1,000 a month are inducted into the Grand Wakaya Club. Members enjoy many ongoing perks and exciting recognition. With as few as 20-34 average customers*, you can earn $600-$1,000+ in recurring monthly income and become a Grand Wakaya Club member!

Ongoing, Perpetual Compensation

We have created the most innovative compensation package in the industry—called Perpetual Compensation. It maximizes your ongoing income by focusing on the three income categories.

  • Substantial up-front income
  • Residual ongoing income
  • Luxury lifestyle perks and bonuses


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Compensation Package Benefits


No Personal Purchase Requirements

All personal sales thresholds may be achieved by product sales to Customers.


Retail and Preferred Customer Commissions

Paid weekly, get 10%-20% on initial or ongoing retail or preferred customer purchases.


$50 - $150 Fast Start Bonuses

Paid weekly on new Paradise Qualified Customers and Ambassadors. Qualification can be achieved with the purchase of a Paradise Pack or by achieving 500 CQV in a calendar month.


Team Level Bonuses

Paid monthly, earn 5% to 20% of BV on up to 5 levels of your team, with 20% being paid on levels 1 and 2.


Generational and Infinity Bonuses

Paid monthly, receive up to 10% of BV in additional bonuses on product sales within your team. Depending on the size and shape of your team, these bonuses can be paid on the product sales of everyone in your organization!


Coding and Matched Bonuses

Paid weekly, enjoy a unique coded compensation system that pays an additional $10-$80  and a 50% matched bonus of $5-$40 on Paradise Product Pack sales.


Luxury Travel and Dream Vacations

We provide travel incentives like luxury Caribbean Cruises and International Conventions. Experience a friendly, positive community as we pay your way to see, and enjoy, the world!


New Car Bonuses

Paid monthly, receive $300 to $1000 to help pay for your current or new car. We don't require an expensive new lease in order to get this benefit.


Global Revenue Bonus Pools

Paid monthly, participate in 1 or 2 shares of Wakaya Perfection's worldwide product sales revenue!

*Average customer sales is estimated to be 150 BV a month. For complete compensation details, see the Wakaya Perfection Perpetual Compensation Guide. The Perpetual Compensation Plan pays commissions and bonuses on volume from product sales. While meeting rank qualification does initiate the bonuses outlined in this chart, there is no guarantee of success.

Unparalleled Perks and Recognition

As important as a paycheck is, what most people are missing at their job is appreciation. We love celebrating together. We provide local and national events and even DREAM VACATIONS to bring us together for training, recognition, and making memories!

Why do people join us?

We asked a few of our Independent Ambassadors.

Everything you need is ready for you.

You don't have to read a large manual or watch endless videos. Our products and compensation package have been streamlined to make it easy to learn and even easier to share! We also provide powerful printed and online marketing tools, including a Virtual Storefront and Back Office.


Back Office? Sign me Up!

It's always people first.

The heart Wakaya is built on are the timeless values of honesty, hard work, celebration, and a continuing journey towards perfection. We call it The Wakaya Way, and it forms the foundation for every choice we make. You can expect this kind of integrity from our founders, executives, employees, field leaders...and everyone else!

Get started with a special product deal!

Who doesn’t love a deal? We’ve put our most popular products into discounted packages we call Paradise Packs. They are the best way to experience our hi-impact health benefits.

Shop Paradise Packs

Let's do this!

We could go on and on, but the best way to get to know us is to come work with us. Becoming an Independent Ambassador is quick, painless, and inexpensive. In fact, you could become one in the next 2 minutes!


Alright, I'm in.

Got some questions?

Here is a little more information you might find interesting.

Founded by a Billionaire

Wakaya Perfection was created by FIJI Water founder and billionaire, David Gilmour. Out of all of his many businesses, David believes this will be his BIGGEST!

One of Oprah's Favorite Things

That's right, she loves our exclusive Pink Fijian Ginger. In fact, she featured it not once, but twice on her Favorite Things list!

We've Unlocked the Secret to Fat Loss

Thousands are losing fat and getting fit by using the BulaFIT Ketogenic Lifestyle. We have a way to get healthy without starvation, yo-yo dieting, and fatigue!

Celebrity Trainer Owen McKibbin

Our fitness coach is a 30-year fitness veteran and 17-time cover model who has been a personal trainer for celebrities like Zac Efron, Blake Lively, Amber Valetta and Jessica Simpson!

Dr. Randy Lundell DO

Dr. Lundell is Board Certified and uses the ketogenic lifestyle to improve his patients' health. He also provides ongoing formulation and education for Wakaya products.

Fitness Expert Kristy Kaminski

A former FORD Model and Fitness Competitor, Kristy has a passion for coaching people to develop habits for life-long health and wellness.

Compensation friendly to the newbie

If you've never had a business, no problem! Our system is built to help you succeed early on. To us, that means getting you your first check quick (and the next...).

Your satisfaction is guaranteed

If you're not happy, we're not happy. Each of our products comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. Funny thing is, virtually no-one sends it back! See purchase terms for details.

An experienced team that cares

With over a century of combined industry expertise, our executive team knows how to build a well run, wildly successful business. In fact, many of us have done it before.

And we're just getting started...

Officially launched in 2016, Wakaya Perfection is still very much a ground floor opportunity. In fact, many of the people you know have never heard of us (and that's a very good thing for you)!

Still have questions?

There's a lot of exciting things going on at Wakaya Perfection. If you still have questions, feel free to reach out to one of our Independent Ambassadors. Or if not, come on in, the water is great!


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