Awaken your inner warrior and reshape your life.

Warrior Success Stories

Many people are discovering the power of the BulaFIT Program and awakening their own inner warrior to reshape their lives! Here are some of their experiences.

Typical weight loss is 1-2 pounds per week. Please note that the causes for being overweight vary from person to person due to genetics, environmental factors, food intake, metabolism and differing levels of exercise. Because of this, results from the BulaFIT Program may vary. No individual result should be seen as typical.

The experiences mentioned are from Independent Ambassadors who have personally used the BulaFIT Program and products. Ambassadors may receive compensation from Wakaya Perfection for sharing and promoting its products and services.

patti-gardnerhiPatti Gardner - 25 lbs

"The shake is delicious and following the BulaFIT diet and exercise program is so easy!"

Mike Casperson - 43 lbs

"The keto shake is delicious and I was surprised that I could feel so good while ‘dieting.’ As I added other products and exercise I was surprised again how quickly my body started to change. This is truly is the ‘feel good’ diet!"

carolyn-mckeachniehiCarolyn McKeachnie - 50 lbs+

“I started following the Wakaya weight-loss system early in 2016 and lost 50 lbs! I began feel better quickly. Exercise became less of a chore and I am so happy with the results! Now, with the BulaFIT program, I’ve lost another 14 lbs!”

barb-pitcockhiBarb Pitcock - 21 lbs

"Everyone can do this and the fat just melts off with the BulaFIT program. I am not hungry and I do not feel tired or lethargic, I can even exercise, and cutting the sugars out just makes you feel better than ever!"

Blake Graham - 23 lbs

"I'm one of those who has always had a hard time losing weight. I started the BulaFIT program, changed my diet, increased my activity and I'm down 17 lbs!"

Kurt Venekamp - 31 lbs

"I’ve been fighting to lose the same 40 lbs for the last 30 years. The BulaFIT Fat Loss System eliminated my hunger and cravings, fit my budget, and gave me great energy and amazing results. By changing my diet and improving my exercise I have finally won the battle and more importantly, feel I can help others succeed."

Jeff Barney - 38 lbs

“I started the BulaFIT program and love that it has been so simple. It’s great because I’m not hungry during the day and I have tons of energy. The weight loss has been fast, and most importantly, I feel so much better than before. Changing my diet and physical activity with BulaFIT is doing wonders!”

Cathy Buchanan - 10.2 lbs

Having the simplicity of 2 meals with the exact ratios for a 'perfect keto meal' has helped take any guess work out of the equation. I now look forward to the one meal I prepare. With the BulaFIT Facebook Support Group, I know I'm not doing this alone. I love the meal ideas and the exercise tips. Thanks so much Wakaya Perfection!!

Tia Harrid - 13 lbs

The BulaFIT program is phenomenal! I have tried everything and I love that I'm not counting calories because I'm not hungry! I've been able to change what I eat, how I exercise and how I life!"

Michele Ota - 9 lbs

It's been so hard to lose weight. The program is complete including nutrition, diet and exercise. BulaFIT makes it so easy!

Christopher Berger - 30 lbs

The best part about this program is that I AM NOT HUNGRY. It blows my mind that I don't feel the need to eat. I'm excited that I'm changing my eating and activity habits.

Jimmy Bailey - 24 lbs

“The program is incredible. Amazing energy, and no craving, so easy to get though the day and even increase my activity.