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Awaken your inner warrior and reshape your life.

Warrior Success Stories

Many people are discovering the power of the BulaFIT Program and awakening their own inner warrior to reshape their lives! Here are some of their experiences.

Typical weight loss is 1-2 pounds per week. Please note that the causes for being overweight vary from person to person due to genetics, environmental factors, food intake, metabolism and differing levels of exercise. Because of this, results from the BulaFIT Program may vary. No individual result should be seen as typical.

The experiences mentioned are from Independent Ambassadors who have personally used the BulaFIT Program and products. Ambassadors may receive compensation from Bulavita for sharing and promoting its products and services.

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Tineleti Tau - 63 lbs

Fat Loss Champion

"I will admit it has been hard, but easily done. I stuck to the supplement plan and implementing the Keto diet in my meals, and man the ponds just came off.. I am really ecstatic about Wakaya and how it has made me feel."

Melissa Emery - 95 lbs

"Wow I kinda feel that everyone has won just seeing all the posts!! I think the most challenging thing was weighing every day. I will say that I weighed on Thursday since that was the last day. Since then I am down another 5lbs and actually ran all 5K without having to walk!! I can't even express how much more energy I have and love working out! I would have never said that 6 months ago. It has become routine for me and I feel so much better now than I did even 6 months ago. I am so glad I kept track every single day my weight and waist because looking back I can see the difference even when it seemed I wasn't making any progress, I was. Thank you for showing me that this is my new lifestyle and there is no going back to that person I was before."

Heather Corsivo - 46 lbs

“Our products are easy to follow and lose the weight! Getting tempted to eat regular food around special events is hard, especially my birthday!”

Julie Milbrett - 93 Workouts Logged

"On a personal level, the overall BulaFIT experience has been quite the reward. My energy has increased, my fatigue is diminished, and my personal health is through the roof."

Hillary Skye - 34 lbs

"I am feeling fantastic. I have reached the 34 mark and am super excited about that! I went on maintenance keto for about 5 days and reintroduced some carbs and was feeling very emotional and just off. So, I have decided to lose about 6 more pounds and am back on strict keto and am feeling amazing again."

Cathy Buchanan - 91 Workouts Logged

“Beyond blessed by this whole journey and all the support of so many to help make this, almost 60 year old, gals goals and dreams possible! ...My heart is helping others. If I can inspire ONE person to 'get moving', I will be overflowing with joy! The message I want to share is we no longer need to let our diseases/conditions define or limit us! During the Challenge, I have had a number of people reach out to me sharing that I have inspired them to be active and start moving knowing my physical challenges. Those messages have inspired me to not give in and to keep pushing through. This would never have happened without the support we all receive along with the products that make it possible to stay on track, motivated and determined!"

john beddall

John Beddall - 60 lbs

"I had failed at so many diets before this. While I know there's no "magic pill" having the right tools in your toolbox can make all the difference! Eating the ketogenic diet, exercising as directed by our fitness expert, Owen McKibben, and following the BulaFIT program, I have been able to lose weight that I never thought possible. To say this program has changed my life would be an understatement. Every aspect of my day is different now. I feel amazing when I wake up, I'm not exhausted in the middle of the afternoon, I have the energy to play with my kids in the evening, and I still feel so good at night I get a restful and peaceful night sleep. I would recommend this program to every single person who desires to lose weight and be healthy."

Melissa Emery - 82 Workouts Logged

"I was the girl who came home from work and either laid on the couch or in bed with all the lights off and watched TV feeling depressed (even though I didn't think I was depressed or even had a problem). And now I get up at 5:30 and run 5 miles every morning (sometimes I have to take a break and walk fast during that 5 miles) but am getting much better at running! I never dreamed that I would be able to do that. I do Owens workout at night and find myself doing squats and push-ups at work when things are slow. I am eating a Ketogenic diet and feel this has been more of a lifestyle change than a diet. I lost a total of 44lbs and since the last fat loss challenge have lost 112lbs since I started this. I lost 26.5 inches and 2.5 inches off my neck!... Love this company and the quality of products that it puts out!! Amazing 90 days!! Thank you so much!"

Glenda McDougal - 57 lbs

"There aren't enough words to convey my story. I incorporated a wonderful change in diet by removing rice, potatoes, pasta, bread and sugar from my diet. A change that I thought would be difficult but turned out to just be different. I did moderate exercise but will incorporate more in the future to maximize tone and building muscle. This program was incredible and I recommend it to everyone I can!"

Susan Luelf - 61 Workouts Logged

"Started the Keto Diet and using the Bulafit Keto Products in mid-Feb and the majority of my weight loss occurred through June. I wanted to do the Fitness Challenge and firm up and get in better shape."

Patti Gardner - 25 lbs

"The shake is delicious and following the BulaFIT diet and exercise program is so easy!"

Dana Bedford - 54 Workouts Logged

“When I started BulaFIT I was headed for 300 lbs easily! I was moody frustrated with everything!...Day one I went thru my refrigerator and my pantry threw out everything with sugar. Removed everything with carbs. Wrote down my goals and took the products and followed the program. Results came gradually then a plateau. I then got the BulaFIT DVDs and no more plateau! My body was adjusting and transforming! I was sleeping better, feeling better, my mind was so clear! After having 5 surgeries last year feeling a wreck BulaFIT had me feeling like I'm 20 again! I love the lifestyle and the community! The products are great quality and they support the lifestyle perfectly!”

Mike Casperson - 43 lbs

"The keto shake is delicious and I was surprised that I could feel so good while ‘dieting.’ As I added other products and exercise I was surprised again how quickly my body started to change. This is truly is the ‘feel good’ diet!"

Ezinne Nnorom - 52 Workouts Logged

"For almost 2 years, my weight just continued to increase. I exercised and thought I was eating ok but the scale just continued to move in the wrong direction. During my visit home for the holidays in Dec of 2016, I was at my highest weight of 182.8Ibs and all I could think of was "That's nearly 200Ibs" I already had muscle but gained more fat on top of that. I was use to being in the mid 150s and knew at that point I wanted to change that. So BulaFIT came along in Feb 2017 I started in March and I made it a goal to get back in the 150s. Since then, I have been able to lose a total of 34.2lbs. 34Ibs that most didn't believe I needed to get rid of. I lost 16.8Ilbs in the 1st challenge and 17.4 more during the Fitness Challenge. I started to pay more attention to my diet, embraced the Keto lifestyle, and kept exercising. The program has forever changed my thinking on weight and fitness. I feel as though BulaFIT is the blueprint to burning fat and believe anyone struggling to get the scale to move should give it a try. I'm glad I did! It has been worth it!"


Carolyn McKeachnie - 50 lbs+

“I started following the Wakaya weight-loss system early in 2016 and lost 50 lbs! I began feel better quickly. Exercise became less of a chore and I am so happy with the results! Now, with the BulaFIT program, I’ve lost another 14 lbs!”

James Stone

James Stone - 51 lbs

"In my younger days, I was physically active everyday. As I began to work on my career and go back to school, fitness took a backseat. The pounds began to add up, and physical activity became harder and less desirable to do.

Wakaya Perfection came into our lives about a year ago. I began to notice feeling better just taking the ginger and turmeric. I started the BulaFIT program right after SuperBowl, using the shake and burn capsules. My wife and I started on a keto diet. The weight came off almost effortlessly. This made it easier to stick with it & even start exercising again. I ran on the elliptical almost daily & did some ab work. I have so much more energy. I believe this program is the best there is- it really has been easy!"

Sonny Makasini

Sonny Makasini - 48 lbs

"I absolutly love the BulaFIT Program! It has completely transformed my life. My body was miserable and now it's happy to match my happy personality. The program works because it delivers in all areas: diet, exercise and nutrition. I haven't felt this young in years!"

LaNae Crain-Schmidt

LaNae Crain-Schmidt - 47.2 lbs

"HOLY COW!! I made my goal!! I can't believe it!! I have never been able to reach a weight loss goal - EVER!! I drink one shake a day, sometimes 2, and then eat a sensible Keto meal for supper. I take 2 Burn capsules split between the day. I have more energy which in return I am able to get up and move more throughout the day!! I just can't believe it!! Wakaya Perfection's BulaFIT Program is so easy to follow and do. I am just jumping around with joy!!"

Susan Huttenmeyer

Susan Huttenmeyer - 45 lbs

"It seems like I have been on a perpetual diet since I was about 9 years old. I feel like the BulaFIT Warrior Fat Loss and Fitness Program is a lifestyle I can live and maintain. By eliminating sugar, flour and starches while eating healthy fats and low carbs, I have experienced a reduction of inflammation and pain. This has assisted me in being able to become more physically active and greatly improved my energy and endurance."

Christopher Berger - 44 lbs

"Been a huge fan of this process. By far the easiest way I've ever lost weight."

Cheryl Kindrat - 43 lbs

"I move, swim, walk, eat and smile better!! I am a Keto lifestyle which has been easy to do once the sugar was out of my system. Jen has me taking the stairs and Owen has me making deposits into the fitness bank.. Walking to the bus stop and parking far away!! I just feel great all over!! Thank you Wakaya!!"

Lanie Dart

Lanie Dart - 54 lbs

The BulaFIT program has been easy to follow. Who doesn't like bacon and butter right? The shakes make breakfast easy, and the cooking with high fat, a bit challenging at first, but worth it throughout. It's been amazing. The exercise was a bit hard at first, especially since I wasn't, and had not for years. Now it's part of my everyday routine.

Ella Jones

Ella Jones - 33 lbs

"I am very excited to have lost 33 pounds in the BulaFIT Challenge! I was not on a restrictive diet but adopted a new lifestyle that has me feeling fantastic beyond words. I am gluten intolerant and the ketogenic plan greatly enhances what I was already doing. I believe myself to be a sugar-aholic, so going without sugar has helped me realize how bad sugar was making me feel and negatively impacting my life. I am a new person, inside and out, and I'm not done improving yet!

I have also learned that high impact exercise can be simple and quick. You don't have to spend hours working out to receive maximum results. Owen's workouts jumpstart your day and the effects last all day long. I am exercising more at 55 than I have my entire life. Thank you, BulaFIT and Wakaya Perfection!!"

Stacey Volden

Stacey Volden - 43 lbs

"Following the program has worked for me.

What has challenged me is not falling back into old habits especially when life got emotional."

Tina MaddoxJones

Tina MaddoxJones - 43 lbs

"When I started the BulaFIT system, I honestly thought I would fail. I never thought that I would be, "that girl", the one who makes healthy choices and completely gives up one lifestyle for another. But the products are amazing... not only do they do what they said they would do, they make it EASY to want to do things "right"... I never once ever wanted to cheat myself, or thought I was being deprived of something I wanted or deserved. Fast forward 90 days, and I feel like a different person! I don't really care about the number on the scale, because my body has completely reshaped itself. I love that I am able to fit Owen's moderate exercises into my life, to create a new normal for me and my whole family! I can't wait to see what happens in the next 90 days, weeks, and months!!!"

Marcus Jones

Marcus Jones - 43 lbs

"This has been an awesome experience. I have not only gone back to a weight I was 10 yrs ago. Thanks to the BulaFIT program and the workouts by Owen. I have been able too keep it off and get to a more energetic healthier self. This was the easiest most effective fat loss system I have ever been on and I have been on just about all of them. Thank you"

Eric Manning

Eric Manning - 43 lbs

"The Keto diet along with the shake has worked for me when nothing else has. It's been a challenge when all around you, others are eating what you can't, but this journey has been relatively easy."

Teri Bell

Teri Bell - 43 lbs

"This has been challenging and rewarding all at the same time. This is a fully doable program. Even if I did not have the KetoFUEL and Burn Caps just doing the keto diet plan is a great plan to follow. And adding exercise back into my daily routine has been challenging someday but very rewarding. I plan to broaden my exercise as time progresses and as the weight comes off."

Marc Ballinger

Marc Ballinger - 43 lbs

"So far so good. I have done Keto before but the Fuel and Burn have made it so much easier when it comes to hunger and cravings . As a teacher in a small district I have a ton of duties, coaching and sponsorships. The challenge has been staying true to a workout schedule."

Ben Keenan

Ben Keenan - 43 lbs

"I'm loving this lifestyle. All the time I am finding new Keto recipes. I don't feel like I have to stop this at all. Why would I change habits that make me feel this good. The only difficulty I have now is explaining to people why I am not eating the same food as them and finding polite ways to turn down food people offer me."

tia harrid

Tia Harrid - 43 lbs

"The BulaFIT program has helped me so much!! I have had great success in inches going from a size 14 to size 10. I have been doing Owen's 7 min workout a few times a week and recently started doing Zumba!! I take the stairs often now and park far away to get more movement in. I feel great and I don't feel deprived!!"

Vanessa Vargas

Vanessa Vargas - 43 lbs

"This has been such a life changing experience that I will forever continue. I never thought I would loss this much weight in such a short time frame and feel so great while enjoying amazing meals. I don't miss the foods I call "My Enemy". I have been able to confidently say no to foods I know aren't good for my body with no temptation to follow. I haven't found much of a challenge. Just being consistent with workout outs but as of lately I'm doing better and better. I'm so beyond grateful for Wakaya Perfection!"

Michele Reynolds

Michele Voris - 43 lbs

"I'm in love with being healthy. Thank you to this 90 day program I am over my halfway mark reaching my health goals.

There is no stopping me now !"

Julie Milbrett

Julie Milbrett - 43 lbs

"I've lost a total of 21 pounds and it hasn't been very long since my journey began. So thankful for these products, the leadership is amazing, our coach Owen is a huge supportive guru, and the accountability from the group is unmatchable. Wow! Everybody's winning in this fat-loss movement!! I love it!!!!"

Hollie Piotrowicz - 43 lbs

"I have had other diets work but took longer and way more work and I was starving. Don't get me wrong all progress is work but this felt way more reachable I am amazing and share with everyone how amazing I feel! Never leaving this lifestyle! Thanks Owen! I owe you 🙂 Wakaya and Blake Graham! You're all heroes to me to have my life back!! And this isn't the end, I'm going to lose 20 lbs more!!"

Annie Williams - 43 lbs

"Before BulaFIT I was considering Gastric Bypass surgery because I was in so much pain. I felt like there was nothing I could do to lose weight. My knees & body hurt so bad that I could barely walk let alone exercise. When I lost 10 lbs I was already moving better & feeling a difference. At 20 lbs I was feeling amazing. I was actually moving really well. 30lbs I got a gym membership & have started going regularly. Honestly, I will never eat the way I used to. Keto all the way. I'm excited for what's coming next! 199 here I come!"

Jody Pryor

Jody Pryor - 43 lbs

"Using the BulaFIT program I have consistently shed pounds of fat. Even when things slowed down, there was movement on the scales."

Michelle Syre

Michelle Syre - 43 lbs

"This has been amazing. I, and my family, are enjoying the Keto eating that we now do. No one is missing the bread or sugar. And I used to be addicted to sugar. We are exercising and moving more. I do Owen's workouts and walk on the treadmill. Thank you BulaFIT."

Julie Rodriguez

Julee Rodriguez - 43 lbs

"The BulaFIT program has been the most successful program I have ever used. I never though I could do any kind of low carb program, but this surprised me, and was easier than I thought. I already went to the gym before, but with the successful fat loss on this program I have been able to get further through my work outs without getting tired and uncomfortable due to excess fat on my waist. I have lost 10 inches on my waist and 31 pounds, and plan to keep going. Thanks BulaFIT!"

Maxandra Desrosiers

Maxandra Desrosiers - 41 lbs

"I feel lighter! My lower back doesn't' hurt, I can go up the stairs without losing my breath. I feel amazing!"

Martha Makasini

Martha Makasini - 42 lbs

"My testimony of the BulaFIT program is simple...it works! 90 days ago I was fat, depressed and even though I really wanted to lose weight I just kept gaining more. Now, I am much skinnier, happy and I know I can continue on this program not just until the weight is off but forever. I never want to go back to feeling as hopeless as I did before. Wakaya Perfection you saved my life with this BulaFIT Program!"

Monte North

Monte North - 39 lbs

"BulaFIT Warrior Challenge program has helped me achieve a lifestyle I have always wanted and can now be able to have forever. Thank you very much Owen McKibbin and Wakaya Perfection."

Angelica Boykin-Pruett

Angelica Boykin-Pruett - 34.5 lbs

"15 min of walking a day. Light lifting towards the end. I have learned to view this lifestyle change as the tool to the new me!!!! I wouldn't change it for the world. I lost almost 35 lbs! And I loved it so much I started my own group with the wonderful new people who have came into my life thanks to BulaFIT. I view food as a label not as a calorie. Thank you Wakaya!! You have changed my life!!!"

Joaquin Chandler

Joaquin Chandler - 33.3 lbs

"With this challenge I have made it a must that I take 10K steps a day as well as staying on plan with the keto meals. Having a step tracker and finding challenges from the stepper groups keep me accountable for my daily steps. It even keeps me on track to hit the gym at least 5 days a week. This program has brought back the youth in me. I often find myself going and going with so much energy."

Megan Hansen

Megan Hansen - 32 lbs

"I have said before that my biggest challenge was learning what I needed to feed my body. Low carb was easy for me, but I had to learn what kinds of fats to put in my diet in order to lose more fat.

I enjoy being active and I have found that after losing more weight, the exercise was SO much easier! I look forward to the part in my day when I can run or do other exercises!

I am SO very thankful for the BulaFIT program and the success it has helped me attain!"

Mitzi Bradley

Mitzi Bradley - 31.9 lbs

"This program has helped me in so many ways. I have been able to get off prescription medications, lost weight, and helped overcome some self esteem issues. It has brought me back to life and given me joy back that had been gone for some time.

The Keto lifestyle way of eating has been a total change in how I ate before. It has given me energy which has helped me incorporate exercise to my daily life. I even participated in boot camp workouts.

I have a way to go to hit my goal and I am looking forward to participating in the next challenge."

Pat Evans

Pat Evans - 31.8 lbs

"31.8 lbs down in 90 days. One would think this would not be an easy feat; but with the Wakaya Perfection BulaFIT Program, it was like taking candy from a baby. 1-2 shakes & Burn capsules daily with Ketogenic meals. Exercising as much as possible per fitness trainer Owen McKibbin. Results may vary."

Brent Hansen

Brent Hansen - 31 lbs

"The BulaFIT program made the transformation go extremely well. The Burn Capsules keep my energy high at all times and I absolutely had zero cravings. I used to be exhausted at the end of the workday but now I'm still full of energy. Now choosing to walk more at work instead of jumping in a vehicle. I used to get in about 3 miles but I am now getting between 8-10 miles each day."

Sarah Miller

Sarah Miller - 31 lbs

"I started this challenge 26 years old and a size 22. I've been bigger for most of my life, so I honestly thought that this was just how it was going to be. I've tried other programs, diets, calorie counting, excruciatingly painful workouts, and multi-day fasting and I could never lose more than a few pounds that always came back. I thought the issue was just me because so many other people saw great results with those products/methods. So when I saw that people I knew who had struggled with weight were losing with this BulaFIT program, my husband and I decided we'd give it a trial run. I was already use to disappointments at this point, so I figured I had nothing to lose and maybe, just maybe, I could lose some of this weight. The first month I dropped 20 lbs. Can you believe that? The next month I dropped 6 more inches from my waist. And the last month another 11 lbs. These results are so clear in the way my clothes fit (down three jean sizes), the way people look at me, and how much easier it is to fit in places, like seats at a movie theatre or airport. Most people who do not have wide hips, have no idea how painful these can be when you have to sit in them for a long period of time.

This plan was also easier than I expected and have endured before. No crazy hour plus long and incredibly intense workouts or extreme hungry from lack of enough food. I changed to the Keto diet to follow with the BulaFIT products, but that change was much easier than I thought it would be. And I did add the BulaFIT workouts, but I didn't feel drained afterwards. I am so thrilled to have a manageable plan to follow that has been working so well for so many people."

Shannon Kilgore

Shannon Kilgore - 31 lbs

"This program has showed me a whole new way to eat and feel satisfied eating good foods. I've been eating a Keto lifestyle incorporating KetoFuel and Burn. I've had energy to exercise and walk over 5 miles and it's wonderful!"

Scott Jurgensmeier

Scott Jurgensmeier - 30.1 lbs

"This has been the easiest program for me to lose weight on. Other ones, I am always hungry and craving things so they didn't work. With the BulaFIT program and the help from Owen and Jennifer, I am losing weight and know I will keep it off this time!!"

Joy Larson

Joy Larson - 30 lbs

"I started my weight loss and health journey on February 16, 2017. I started at 217 pounds and I am currently sitting at 187 pounds!! I've lost 30 pounds total!! Am I proud of myself? Absolutely. One of the best things I've done for myself. I use the program guide 100%. I start off my day with a burn capsule. I then put the shake in my morning coffee. I do exercises every other day. That is due to health challenges that I have. If I feel like I can do it every day I do. My doctor is in agreement with the ketogenic lifestyle for me. I have my one meal around noon time. I eat healthy fats, I eat 20 carbs a day. I eat grass fed proteins. I eat raw almonds and vegetables for a snack. Around 4 PM I drink my second shake of the day. I drink it with a decaffeinated iced coffee.

I use the BulaFIT bobbles. I use the SlimCaps, DetoxCaps daily. I take NiteCaps at night. I also take Kava Capsules and Lax Capsules every night. I take Turmeric and Ginger supplements daily. I also take the multi-vitamin as well as the Bone & Muscle supplements.

I haven't been this healthy in three years. I absolutely love this program and I will continue it for as long as I need to to reach my goal weight of 145 pounds."

Joanne Kuehn

Joanne Kuehn - 30 lbs

"People see I have changed, doing more, as far as movement and eating different. And they now ask me, what are you doing? Making it easier to show the whole plan. First I had to work harder on myself so they would know they could do this too."

Evan Hokoana

Evan Hokoana - 30 lbs

"The BulaFIT program has not only helped me lose weight but got me more active and able to do more activities. I have changed how I look at food and health overall. I now walk regularly and trying to get my kids more active as well."

Heather Corsivo

Heather Corsivo - 30 lbs

"I walked on the treadmill 4-5 times per week for 30 minutes. I was eating a Keto diet, KetoFUEL shake for breakfast, and taking the Burn Capsule in the morning! I also took the DetoxCap everyday and a GoCap to help give me energy!"

Wilda Kelley

Wilda Kelley - 28 lbs

"This is a fantastic program, the weight loss, the energy, the support, the testimonials, these have all played a important part. The cooking videos. I love sharing the information and people are noticing. Just wait and see what happens when we really start the exercise program. I love feeling this great, more energy, sleeping better. My husband does not snore at night anymore, and I do not have to wear ear plugs (LOL). Had a physical during this time and all is well. Thank you Wakaya."

Amy Watkins

Amy Watkins - 28 lbs

"I have dropped several sizes over the course of a short period of time and for that I couldn't be happier! I feel better all over including regulating my digestive system. I love the shakes and their versatility as well as what the Burn Capsules do (energy, appetite suppressant and curbing cravings) ... simply works! Jennifer Halliday has been so supportive and encouraging. Owen McKibbin has kept working out simple and at ones own pace and the DVD's are a nice extra."

Jay Gaisford

Jay Gaisford - 27.2 lbs

"Of all the ways i have tried to loose weight in the past this has been the easiest and most successful process."

Teshor Oates

Teshor Oates - 25 lbs

"Love this program and would recommend to anyone with any level of weight loss goals."

Steve Klein

Steve Klein - 25 lbs

"I have tried it all! The KetoFuel and Burn just work, I have no sweet cravings and lots of energy. I sleep very well on this diet and just feel good! It is the magical! I recommend it to everyone. Thanks Wakaya Perfection for these amazing products that actually get results!"

Nicole Johnson

Nicole Johnson - 25 lbs

"The BulaFIT program, along with the proper diet and exercise has helped me feel great about my appearance! When I initially started I didn't think I have very much to lose. I now see that 25 pounds of FAT loss is much different then your usual diet. I feel awesome!"

Blake Graham - 23 lbs

"I'm one of those who has always had a hard time losing weight. I started the BulaFIT program, changed my diet, increased my activity and I'm down 17 lbs!"

Julie Berger

Julie Berger - 22.6 lbs

"The BulaFIT program has really given me a new life. I have lost 22.6 lbs since Feb. 14th. With summer upon us, I have been able to wear 3 different pairs of shorts that I haven't gotten into in several years. I also has to buy new jeans. I'm wearing clothes that I've had in the back of my closet and haven't touched in years. I still need to be more consistent in exercising. But I have been following the Keto diet pretty faithfully. I love that we have the Keto recipe page as everyone posts a lot of great recipes. And the support from the Wakaya community is unbelievable. The motivational calls are awesome! My upline has been wonderful. I've lost enough weight now that people are really starting to notice. Sharing the program is easy and I want to help others gain a new healthy lifestyle too! Thank you Wakaya!!!!"

Shelly Short

Shelly Short - 22 lbs

"April 2016 I gave birth to our 7th baby. Going into that pregnancy I was the highest in weight I have ever been. I didn't gain too much during pregnancy, but got to experience gestational diabetes during the last few months. I was very discouraged about my weight, especially after giving birth and waiting for my body to heal and recover, I was very impatient. Then I was left with "the mom body", saggy skin, extra fat, mom brain/foggy brain, and no energy. I began the Keto lifestyle in February and supplemented a meal or two a day with our KetoFUEL. I didn't jump in to the BURN because I was nursing still. I lost weight, gained confidence and a better love of the mirror. Since I have quit nursing and began the BURN capsules, the fat continues to melt, I have more than enough energy to keep up with all my kids and our schedules, and I am not stuck in foggy mom brain mode. I also have energy and a desire to exercise and am thankful for the workout tips and training from Owen Mckibbin, Jennifer Halliday and others. I am so thankful for these products, and for the love and support of my Wakaya family. Seeing everyone's transformations and excitement keeps me motivated, as well as all the new old clothes I get to wear again. KetoFIT for life!!"


Barb Pitcock - 21 lbs

"Everyone can do this and the fat just melts off with the BulaFIT program. I am not hungry and I do not feel tired or lethargic, I can even exercise, and cutting the sugars out just makes you feel better than ever!"

Michele Ota

Michele Ota - 21 lbs

"I have battled with my weight for most of my life. I have tried cleanses and detoxes and they were so restricting! The Ketogenic lifestyle and BulaFIT program are so amazing! I never feel deprived! It's the easiest thing I've ever done!!! Thank you Wakaya Perfection!"

Susan Clements

Susan Clements - 20.4 lbs

"I love BulaFIT. It helps us be accountable and know that we are not alone!! Go warriors"

Paul Welbig

Paul Welbig - 20 lbs

"My story started at the beginning of the year when I realized that I had actually gained 20 pounds since moving here to Texas about 3.5 years ago. I called it the "Texas Twenty" because it's really easy to do with the endless Tex-Mex, chips & queso, BBQ, margaritas, etc.! I started the BulaFIT Challenge on Mar. 1 and my goal was to lose my "Texas Twenty" by my next birthday (May 16). I followed the program closely by drinking KetoFUEL shakes in the morning along with the BURN Capsules and then I'd eat Keto-friendly meals for lunch and dinner (thanks to the Keto recipes posted on Facebook!). Once I started to lose some FAT pounds, I also began to ride my bike in the afternoons, which kicked my fat loss into overdrive! I didn't even realize how terrible I felt before I felt better (if that makes sense...), plus my body looked SO MUCH BETTER when I put my before/after photos on Facebook - even at only 10 pounds. I simply look younger & healthier! Because of that, I have inspired several friends to do the same and they have begun their BulaFIT journey."

April Sullivan

April Sullivan - 20 lbs

"The Burn Capsules helped my sugar cravings, I could never get off sugar before. I have also never been able to stay on a diet longer than 3 weeks. The support from Owen, Jennifer, the BulaFIT warriors and seeing the weight come off has given me motivation and confidence. I was able to join a kickboxing class and have been consistently taking 2-3 classes each week - I had not been able to exercise for 4 years, because I had no energy or motivation. This program has saved my life!"

Janice Marcum

Janice Marcum - 18 lbs

"I love a challenge and this was no different. I endured failures through this but I also had successes that I'm proud of. I enjoyed learning how to change my eating habits and incorporate a Keto friendly diet. I'm crazy about the BulaFIT exercise DVD that is fully engaging but at the same time fun enough to do with my kids. The challenge was for me but my family reaped the benefits. It feels great to have the weight off! I feel stronger, healthier and more confident in my own skin!"

Lolani Fredericks

Lolani Fredericks - 18 lbs

"The burn really helped curb my sugar cravings I was addicted to sugar! I'm a baker so the temptation is always there. I still taste things because I have to but I can stop at one bite now. I have been exercising more regularly and eating much better. It's easier to stick with something when you see results!"

Cathy Buchanan

Cathy Buchanan - 18 lbs

"After a year of going organic with my grocery purchases, I still battled a belly that I couldn't effectively change. I was so frustrated and believed there was no hope for me as I approached 60 years old. When the BulaFIT program launched, I was filled with hope after watching the corporate staff and some of the leaders have incredible results! I wasn't familiar with the Ketogenic nutrition plan, but was eager to learn and adjust my eating habits. The BulaFIT guide was extremely easy to use to navigate this complex nutrition plan. Drinking 2 KetoFuel shakes with 2 Burn Capsules and a Keto friendly meal gave my fat loss and boost. Adding the fitness component per Owen McKibbin's advice took my fat loss beyond what I expected. At 18 pounds down, I am thrilled with my energy and mobility to spend more fun time with my grandson's. Thanks Wakaya Perfection!!"

Tania Opamin

Tania Opamin - 18 lbs

"The BulaFIT Challenge has changed my life completely! This new lifestyle has improved every part of my life. Not only have I lost 18 lbs and almost 7 inches in my waist, I've gained a waistline and muscle in places I never thought would happen, ever! I now eat, I didn't eat much and now I eat clean and healthy. I go to bootcamp 3-5 days a week, which includes jogging, sprints, crunches, push-ups, leg raises and planks and I drink water (never drank much to start)."

Paula Lalicker

Paula Lalicker - 17.8 lbs

"I weighed the most I have ever weighed except for when I was pregnant with my youngest, and I was miserable. My body hurt all the time, I had no confidence, I hated the way I looked, and I had no energy. When Wakaya Perfection brought the BulaFIT system into my life that all changed. With the help of the products, changing the way I eat, and the guidance of our fearless fitness expert Owen. I am now starting to get my confidence back and don't mind having my picture taken. I have shed almost 18 lbs of fat and over 18 inches total from my body and I love it! Thank you to Wakaya Perfection for changing my life! I am never going back!!! Bula & Vinaka!!!!"

jackie hunter

Jackie Hunter - 17.6 lbs

"I've never liked my tummy after having six children. I've dieted and exercised in the past only to lose weight but not fat, and yes I still had the tummy even after countless situps. Once I got off the diet my weight would return. Now with BulaFIT, I can see a huge difference with minimal exercise and a change in the way I ate. This is hope for those who have given up on their dream for the way they always wanted their body to look Seeing is believing, BulaFIT is proof positive there is a way."

Dawn Johannsen

Dawn Johannsen - 17.1 lbs

"The BulaFIT program is the only thing that has ever helped me lose weight. Cutting carbs is not as hard as I thought it would be. I'm excited to add more exercise now that the weather outside is better!"

Kristy Southwick

Kristy Southwick - 17 lbs

"I'll be honest, when starting the BulaFIT challenge I thought I'd see the biggest change on the scale. I lost a lot of weight the first month then hit a plateau. I added in the workouts and although the numbers on the scale didn't move that much, my body was still changing in the way my clothes fit. I feel amazing every single day and have never seen such great results, nor have I stuck with one program for so long. The KetoFuel shake and Burn Capsules made transitioning easier and the support of the BulaFIT family made all the difference in keeping me going. And it's only just the beginning..."

Ezinne Nnorom

Ezinne Nnorom - 16.8 lbs

"I've embraced the Keto lifestyle! At first, I thought it would be hard but it's actually been the opposite... There are so many great Keto recipes out there that I never knew about before BulaFIT...and they are super good! I challenge myself more in my workouts and the support from everyone is AMAZING! Right now I am looking to lose maybe 15 or so more pounds of fat and tone but since starting the BulaFIT Program I have lost 16.8 lbs and counting..."

Christine Johnson

Christine Johnson - 16 lbs

"Following the BulaFIT program has helped me feel more energized. For the most part is has been easy for me to stay away from carbs and sweets. I have had more ambition to start exercising more. I also have noticed since being on the program i have not had as many stomach problems as I use to."

Leslie Hokoana

Leslie Hokoana - 14.8 lbs

"This experience has and continues to be life changing. I am so grateful that I decided to be a part of the BulaFIT challenge. While I am far from my goal weight, this is now my lifestyle beyond the BulaFIT challenge. I remain confident in my ability to shed the body fat I would like to and drop my pant size even further! I tried spin class for the first time and even entered a virtual 10K!!! I would never have done those things prior to the BulaFIT challenge. Trying out different Keto recipes has been fun also!!!"

Carrie Schwartz

Carrie Schwartz - 13 lbs

"BULA! I am so excited to be on this amazing journey with such inspirational people! In about 1 months time I have managed to shave off several inches and lose 13 pounds. I owe it all to my amazing fitness family for pushing me through my workouts and the BulaFIT Program. Though results may vary the Ketogenic lifestyle is the perfect fit for me. Thank You Wakaya!"

Debbi Moore

Debbi Moore - 11.2 lbs

"I am so excited to actually be able to get down below 120 lbs! I have tried different plans off and on over 10yrs and NEVER got below 120! I had lost over 10lbs using the Detox and Slim and to me that was amazing! Then when I got the BulaFIT with Burn Capsules and started eating more Keto friendly it was great fun! I did have some days where I was feeling the Keto Flu, I cut back on the burn to 1/3 and then to a 1/2. I also added more water and started making more Keto friendly recipes!

I did start doing more stairs and minimal exercises...but just now starting to be more consistent on Owen's exercise plan."

Jeff Barney - 38 lbs

“I started the BulaFIT program and love that it has been so simple. It’s great because I’m not hungry during the day and I have tons of energy. The weight loss has been fast, and most importantly, I feel so much better than before. Changing my diet and physical activity with BulaFIT is doing wonders!”

Cathy Buchanan - 10.2 lbs

Having the simplicity of 2 meals with the exact ratios for a 'perfect keto meal' has helped take any guess work out of the equation. I now look forward to the one meal I prepare. With the BulaFIT Facebook Support Group, I know I'm not doing this alone. I love the meal ideas and the exercise tips. Thanks so much Wakaya Perfection!!

Tia Harrid - 13 lbs

The BulaFIT program is phenomenal! I have tried everything and I love that I'm not counting calories because I'm not hungry! I've been able to change what I eat, how I exercise and how I life!"

Michele Ota - 9 lbs

It's been so hard to lose weight. The program is complete including nutrition, diet and exercise. BulaFIT makes it so easy!

Christopher Berger - 30 lbs

The best part about this program is that I AM NOT HUNGRY. It blows my mind that I don't feel the need to eat. I'm excited that I'm changing my eating and activity habits.

Jimmy Bailey - 24 lbs

“The program is incredible. Amazing energy, and no craving, so easy to get though the day and even increase my activity.