Be healthy, lose fat, and get fit with a proven system, that has helped thousands.

The BulaFIT Challenge is a Core Health, Fat Loss and Fitness program that works!

As a participant, you'll enjoy professional coaching, a fun community, individual team support, recognition, prizes, and serious progress towards your health goals!

The next Challenge runs Jan 20th - Apr 19th to help you create healthy habits for 2020 that will last a lifetime.

The BulaFIT Challenge is FREE to join and uses BulaFIT products and the ketogenic diet.

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It's the best way to get healthy and lose weight,
here's why:

  • 1
    You'll learn the core principles you need to know to live a healthy, trim, and active life. The  Challenge is a simple program that covers all aspects of your body. You'll know exactly what to do and have the support to do it!
  • 2
    Our BulaFIT coaches are fitness and health superstars who love helping people transform their health. You'll enjoy weekly live trainings and a supportive online Facebook community. Best of all, all this support is FREE!
  • 3
    The BulaFIT Challenge can be joined in teams of up to 8 individuals. This kind of small-group support makes all the difference in achieving your health and weight loss goals. Your team members will become your new BFFs!
  • 4
    BulaFIT products are specifically created to support dramatic fat loss including supplement, meal replacement shakes, healthy energy, appetite support and much more. Plus, everything we make tastes delicious!

Choose your focus:


The perfect way to start. You'll establish Core Health for life-long energy and vitality!

  • Daily detoxification
  • Improve digestion
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Essential nutrition
  • Optimal hydration

Shift your body into high performance with coaching from professional fitness experts!

  • Everything in Core Health 
  • Everything in Fat Loss Focus
  • Increase your exercise length and effectiveness
  • Enjoy an active and positive fitness community
  • Coaching from professional fitness experts and athletes

You get professional coaching from top athletes and health advocates

Owen McKibbin and Kristy Kaminski are successful models, athletes, health advocates, and personal trainers who have helped thousands of individuals.

Whatever your focus, they are there to teach and motivate you and (best of all) they're nice.

You have access to powerful health products.

The BulaFIT Challenge features GT Core and BulaFIT products. These are the absolute best products available today for achieving Core health and for shifting your body into fat-burning mode.


Our GT Core Health Pack helps you create a core foundation for life-long health. Using the potent benefits of Organic Pink Fijian Ginger and Organic Fijian Turmeric (the GT of the Core), each product provides high-impact support for each of the core four areas of your health including:

  • Daily Detoxification - Keep your body free of toxins by daily elimination (or detoxing). Combating toxins regularly helps your body stay healthy and in tip-top shape.
  • Reduced Inflammation - Excessive inflammation can slow your body's healing and growth processes. Reducing excessive inflammation is critical for long term health and wellbeing.
  • Improved DigestionWhen your digestive system is poor you miss much of the nutrients from your food or supplements. You also can feel sick, bloated, low energy, anxious, or sad. Healing and improving gut health can have a major positive impact on overall health.
  • Essential NutritionGiving your body the complete array of nutrients it needs is critical for good health. When these nutrients come from high-impact sources and with high bio-availably, your body can truly heal and thrive.


You may have heard of keto. It's basically an eating plan that gets your body to start burning fat instead of carbs and sugar. The problem is that ketosis (the fat burning mode that keto puts your body in) can be super difficult to get into, let alone maintain.The good news is that BulaFIT makes it easy to go keto.

Bulafit has a full line of products that really help. Each has been carefully created to help your body get quickly into ketosis, and stay there. These products include:

  • An absolutely delicious meal replacement shake 
  • An extremely potent appetite and metabolic support
  • An easy-to-use keto cookbook
  • check
    High impact vitamin, mineral and superfood supplements
  • check
    A 13-week guide/planner that walks you through each day
  • check
    We can't all the others here, there are too many!

You should be aware that these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

You are part of a community of people who have been there...and back!

If you're like most of us, you've tried to become healthier, lose weight, or get fit time and time again. What will make this time any different?

This time you have the support of a group of people who have not only been there, but they have come out slimmer, trimmer, and with a healthy lifestyle as well! This community knows how to help you through the tough temptations and will empower you to achieve your goals.


"I am in the best shape, mind, physical, spiritual, that I have EVER been, all thanks to BulaFIT."

"I have more clarity of thought, energy to tackle tough situations, and more power to improve and progress in life. I appreciate the opportunity to make a life change using BulaFit."

"I have tried them all; was even a semi-pro athlete, and have never experienced what I have with BulaFIT! The COMMUNITY is like nothing I have ever seen before!"

"By loosing 100 pounds, I can walk better, put on my socks by myself, climb stairs 'normally' again, pick up things from the floor....many 'normal' actions I had lost from being obese! I recommend BulaFIT to my patients on a routine basis!"


"I started dealing with the other health issues that seem to come along with middle-age. I was a little surprised when the weight really started coming off, but I hadn’t even expected that the health issues I had been experiencing would be reversed!"

"I tried the product and instantly knew that I have found what I needed to succeed. I was lacking  knowledge and family/community support and I found that in Bulafit."

"My experience was life changing. I feel healthier and can do more with the grandchildren. BulaFIT was just a great experience overall. Kristy and Owen are great coaches and everybody is so helpful."

Keep in mind that your results may vary...

Please keep in mind that the causes for being unhealthy and overweight vary from person to person due to genetics, environmental factors, food intake, metabolism and differing levels of exercise. Because of this, results from the BulaFIT Program may vary. No individual result should be seen as typical. In fact, typical weight loss is expected around 1-2 pounds per week. 

You can do it on your own or as a team. ( a team is even better!)

You don't have to do this alone. In fact, some of OUR most successful weight loss stories happened as a team.

The BulaFIT Challenge can be joined as a team of up to 8 people. As a team, you'll contact each other each day to provide support and encouragement. You'll also have a weekly team call! 

Anyone can become create a team ! Just designate a team captain who will complete the team roster and take the lead in calls. The captains also get weekly training from Owen, Kristy, and our Elite Captains to help them know how to succeed. 

Did we mention that BulaFIT actually works?
Well it does...

Participants in our last three BulaFIT Challenges reported

4,429 lbs of average weight loss. 

Together, that's over 6.5 tons.

The participants also reported losing

15,457 lbs of combined weight loss

since they started using BulaFIT products.

That's about 7.5 tons.

People tend to become healthy, burn fat, and get fit when they follow the BulaFIT program. Here are a few more previous participants who have transformed their health.

Again, your results may vary. Following BulaFIT's nutrition, eating, exercise, and health plan tends to help your body burn fat and become more healthy.

Get your BulaFIT Kickstart Pack

You may have heard of keto. It's basically an eating plan that gets your body to start burning fat instead of carbs and sugar.

The problem is that ketosis (the fat burning mode that keto puts your body in) can be super difficult to get into, let alone maintain.The good news is that BulaFIT makes it easy to go keto. 

Core focus only

GT Core

 Challenge Pack


    $212.30 discounted retail price*

  • GT Essentials
  • GT Fusion (with Sport & Go and Daily Detox)
  • BulaFIT Workout bobble™
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    A savings of up to $47!

Fat Loss / Fitness only

BulaFIT Challenge 

Kickstart Pack


    $257.35 discounted retail price*

  • KetoFUEL Canister
  • Keto Burn Capsules
  • KetoFIZZ Ketogenic Accelerator
  • BulaFIT 3-in-1 Guide
  • Make It Keto Cookbook
  • Check
    BulaFIT Blender Bottle
  • Check
    A Warrior Workout DVD by Owen McKibbin
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    A savings of up to $140!

Core, Fat Loss, or Fitness focus

BulaFIT Challenge Kickstart

Paradise Pack


  • KetoFUEL Canister
  • Keto Burn Capsules
  • GT Essentials
  • Check
    GT Fusion (with Sport & Go and Daily Detox)
  • BulaFIT 3-in-1 Guide
  • Make It Keto Cookbook
  • Check
    BulaFIT Blender Bottle
  • Check
    Warrior Workout DVD by Owen McKibbin
  • Check
    GT Fusion (with Sport & Go and Daily Detox)
  • Check
    A savings of up to $250

BulaFIT Challenge Kickstart

Premier Paradise Pack


  • KetoFUEL Canister
  • Keto Burn Capsules
  • GT Essentials
  • Check
    GT Fusion (with Sport & Go and Daily Detox)
  • Check
    KetoFIZZ Ketogenic Accelerator
  • Check
    Cacao Protein FuelBooster
  • BulaFIT 3-in-1 Guide
  • Make It Keto Cookbook
  • Check
    BulaFIT Blender Bottle
  • Check
    BulaFIT Band Workout bobble™
  • Check
    Warrior Workout DVD by Owen McKibbin
  • Check
    BulaFIT Workout Bands
  • Check
    A savings of up to $300

* Customers purchase the GT Core Challenge Pack or BulaFIT Challenge Kickstart Pack at the discounted retail price, Wakaya Ambassadors purchase at $199.95. Customers or Wakaya Ambassadors purchase Paradise Packs at the same special price.

You earn prizes, glory, and a new lease on life!

Participants earn prizes and recognition by achieving prize level. Refer to the Challenge rules below for details on prizes and awards. (Prizes are subject to change).

* Prizes and recognition subject to change based on availability and event attendance.

Individual Prizes






600 individual pts

850 individual pts

Top 5

Top 2


1000 individual pts

1500 individual pts

Top 5

Top 2


1000 individual pts

1500 individual pts

Top 5

Top 2


Special Recognition

Warrior Pin

Special Recognition

Chieftain Medallion

Stage Recognition

Champion Medallion

50% Event Attendance

Photo Shoot

Stage Recognition

Champion Medallion

FREE Event Attendance

Photo Shoot

$150 Cash

Team Prizes






1100 team pts

1800 team pts

 Top 5 based on  team success,  leadership, support on the BulaFIT Facebook Page, and  team transformation 

Top 2 Elite Captains will be invited to become Honorary Coaches for the next  BulaFIT Challenge. 


Special Recognition

Warrior Team Button

Special Recognition

Top Team Button

Stage Recognition

Elite Captain Medallion

Honorary Coaches receive ongoing recognition and work directly with Owen and Kirsty.

* Prizes and recognition subject to change based on availability and Challenge attendance.

Don't miss out, START TODAY!

Challenge Rules

The BulaFIT Challenge is open to Wakaya Ambassadors and Customers. Employees of Wakaya, as well as the immediate family (e.g., spouse, parents, siblings and children in the same household) and household members of each such person are not eligible to win. The Contest is subject to all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations and is void where prohibited by law.

Qualification Requirements
Any Wakaya Ambassador or Customer in good standing can participate in the BulaFIT Challenge. A minimum of two (2) BulaFIT Packs (or $250 of BulaFIT products) must be purchased throughout the contest period (Jan 20, 2020 to Apr 19, 2020). All Participants must only use Wakaya products and may not use any competitive products or undergo any medical weight loss procedures. The 2020  BulaFIT New Year Challenge begins Jan 20, 2020 and ends Apr 19, 2020.

Participants must register to participate in the Challenge. Registrants may receive periodic emails with helpful information and may participate on the Wakaya BulaFIT Facebook Group. By registering, participants agree to allow Wakaya Perfection to use their name, stated goal and submission information (including weight lost and photo) for communication and marketing purposes.

Weekly Check Ins
Participants in the Challenge must complete a weekly Check-In to receive Challenge points and recognition. Challenge points are calculated from Check-In data and ordering data. Check-In data, including uploaded photos and testimonials, may be used by Wakaya Perfection for marketing and general promotion of BulaFIT products and the Challenge.

Teams consist of up to 8 BulaFIT Challenge participants. Team members may only participate in one team during the Challenge and no changes of team members are permitted. Team points and recognition are determined by team points, which are based on daily team contact and weekly team calls (submitted via the weekly check in). Occasional team promotions for additional points may also be issued.

Results Submission
Once the Contest period is complete (Apr 19 2020), participants will have 5 days to submit their results (by Apr 24, 2019).

Submissions are evaluated by a Wakaya Perfection judging panel. Additional Challenge points may be awarded by the panel based on total weight lost, before/after photos and descriptions of the experience. Champions are selected from those participants who achieve the Chieftain award level and are chosen based on Challenge participation, overall transformation, before and after photos, and description of their experience.

Award Presentation
Prizes and recognition will be presented at the 2020 Bulavita Launch Event. Warriors, Chieftains, and Champions must attend the Convention to be presented with their awards. Warrior and Chieftain level participants not attending the Convention may choose to pay postage (approximately $5) to have medals/pins items shipped to them. Wakaya will not have medals/awards for participants who do not attend the event and who fail to pay for shipping for the awards.  

Challenge Disclaimer
Always consult your physician before beginning any weight loss or exercise program. Consult with your healthcare professional to design an appropriate exercise prescription. If you experience any pain or difficulty with exercises, stop and consult your healthcare provider. If you experience any symptoms of weakness, unsteadiness, lightheadedness or dizziness, chest pain or pressure, nausea, or shortness of breath, seek medical help. Mild soreness after exercise may be experienced after beginning a new exercise regimen. Contact your physician if the soreness does not improve after 2-3 days. Wakaya Perfection cannot be held responsible for medical conditions, injuries, sickness, or any other health problem incurred during the BulaFIT Challenge.

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