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Wakaya is a 2,200-acre island in the Fiji archipelago. Here, organic ginger grows in a nutrient-rich soil created by thousands of years of natural erosion of volcanic rock. This volcanic soil is high in beneficial minerals, especially trace minerals that are vital to human wellness.

It remained uninhabited for 140 years, until 1973, when wellness-advocate, FIJI Water founder, and life-long entrepreneur David Gilmour and his wife Jill purchased the island.

Due to the geographic isolation of the island, organic farming is a necessity. It also maintains the purity of the island and ensures the health and well-being of Wakaya’s culture.

No machinery touches our ginger crops, only caring hands cultivate the earth. No chemically treated water is ever used in irrigation. All washing of crops prior to processing is done with fresh rainwater from our catchment system.

Wakaya Resort & Spa

On the island of Wakaya, David and Jill Gilmour have created a small eco-friendly resort that offers guests an experience of renewal and discovery through a luxurious vacation in this unspoiled corner of the world. In 1990, The Wakaya Club & Spa was opened as a small, private luxury resort that offers an extraordinary vacation experience to a handful of guests.

Resort & Spa
Resort & Spa
Resort & Spa
Resort & Spa


The founding of Wakaya Perfection

David realized that keeping Wakaya pure in perpetuity would require a self sustaining economy that could support the local Fijian residents and curtail any pressure to “urbanize” the island. Wakaya Perfection was founded to bring the island's unique healing treasures to the world and to provide Wakaya with the ongoing resources to preserve its pristine environment.

David later met Todd Smith, an accomplished health advocate, successful entrepreneur and 20-year veteran of direct selling. Todd was inspired by David's story of Wakaya and proposed that network marketing would be the optimal way to share this story, and products, with the world.

Today, Wakaya Perfection offers a unique business opportunity, unparalleled anywhere in the world, for individuals with a passion for purity and health.

Management Team and Experts


David H. Gilmour

Wakaya Perfection Founder


Todd Smith

Wakaya Perfection Co-Founder

Wellness is the only true paradise

Being healthy entails so much more than brushing your teeth and staying on top of yearly check-ups. Real health is something you feel all the time. It is a deep and satisfying sense of strength, unity, and vitality. We believe you should feel this way every day.

Wakaya Perfection offers organic, pure and proprietary products that help you get well, stay well, and be well, inside and out.

sea salt

From our exclusive collection of 100% Organic Pink Fijian Ginger, Turmeric, and Sea Salt, to our pure Calcium Bentonite Clay and Perfected Oils sourced from finest locations in the world; Wakaya Perfection’s mission is to offer the world's purest and finest all-natural preventative healing products.

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David and Jill Gilmour have a long history of participating in philanthropic activities. Through the David and Jillian Gilmour Foundation, they have given grants to numerous deserving organizations in Fiji and throughout the world.

The primary focus of their philanthropic activity is on education, and children are the main beneficiaries. The Gilmours have worked through their Foundation to build six kindergartens throughout Fiji.

“With the schools we have built, we are investing in the children of Fiji and the future of this magnificent country ... We believe that with a solid educational foundation, there is no limit to what these children will be able to achieve.”
– David Gilmour

Every employee at the Wakaya Club & Spa is able to send his/her children to the elementary school (built in 2006) on the island free of charge. Students at Wakaya’s elementary school receive the very best education available anywhere in Fiji, and children of the resort’s employees are also eligible to attend boarding school on the mainland of Fiji through scholarships provided by the Gilmours.